We all have different gifts to share, and art is one of mine.  As a child, I would visit my grandparents for a week every summer.  My grandma would always have a special craft project set up.  We drew with pastels, painted with acrylics, and sewed stuffed animals.  She gave me an amazing foundation to art and techniques to which I am forever grateful.  To this day I still remember her showing me how to add the detail of the bark in trees every time I paint an outdoor scene. 


Of course, as I've gotten older my techniques have changed.  Finger painting with oil paints is frowned upon.  (Especially when you wait tables at a fine dining restaurant right after art class).  I was fortunate enough to take art classes in high school and in college where I learned a few new skills and techniques and discovered my love of graphic design. 


Regardless of the art form whether it is paint or digital art, I love being able to share different emotions or messages visually.  I love the thought of someone feeling the same emotion as I did when creating.  Visual art is a powerful tool. 


Painting Services

I would love to create a special painting for you or one of your loved ones.  I can paint anything you would like: portraits, still life, landscape, or abstract.  Pricing varies based on project. 



Design Services

Whether you need new business cards or flyers created for your business or a fun, digital illustration for yourself, I can help you out.  Pricing varies based on project. 


Please contact me to discuss details.

Kate Danford


Questions? Comments? Want some work done? Let me know!

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Kate Danford

Art & Design